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What is Immortalize?

We are a marketplace that connects people to you and other providers of last mile of life services and products.


What is Last Mile of Life?




Last Mile of Life

Last mile of life planning encompasses everything from one’s retirement to one’s legacy. The beginning of this last stage of life is commonly associated with a country’s legal retirement age, but at Immortalize, we define the beginning as when one doesn’t need to actively seek income (ie, you can stop work and retire if you want).

Insurance and financial legacy are all part of last mile of life planning and Immortalize wishes to collaborate with you through our Prestige Club. 

What is Prestige Club?

A program that helps you get new leads, value add your service to your clients and elevate your profitability & branding. 


How does it work?

Under Prestige Club, there are 4 key services that you can sign up for 

- Prestige Club basic membership, Immortalize Marketplace Listing, Prime Agency Plan and Last Mile of Life Certification

Prestige Club
Basic Membership

Access exclusive discounts when you recommend your clients to Immortalize providers and unlock the ability to earn referral fees for yourself.

Immortalize Marketplace Listing

  • Get listed on Immortalize marketplace and be visible to clients looking for insurance and financial legacy planning advice

  • Use tools on the marketplace to better showcase you, your uniqueness and your offerings

  • Get a chance to be featured on our Popularity League Table aimed at helping people identify the best agents

Prime Agency

  • Immortalize Prime is a personal assistant service where we help clients evaluate suitable providers and handhold them through their last mile of life planning and execution journey

  • Prime Agency plan allows you to value-add and create demand by outsourcing the last mile of life education work to us

  • Primers will help you educate clients on the importance of will, LPA, legacy and last mile of life planning

  • You focus on the insurance and financial aspect and Primers will handle the rest

  • *Alternatively, refer a client to Prime and get referral fee. 

Last Mile of Life Certification

Get certified to do last mile of life planning and execution for your clients.

Coming Soon!

If you have a Prime/Prime Agency referral or coupon code, kindly purchase the plans through our collab page.

Choose Your Plan

  • Prestige Basic

    Every year
    • Access exclusive discounts
    • Earn referral fees
  • Marketplace Listing

    Every year
    • List on Immortalize Marketplace
    • Access Marketplace tools
    • Chance to enter Popularity League Table
    • Additional charge for lead generation
  • Prime Agency

    Every month
    • Unlimited use of Immortalize Prime services
    • Be included in correspondence with your clients
  • Prestige+

    Every year
    • All in - Prestige Club + Marketplace Listing + Prime Agency
    • Save $750!


Can I still join this membership if I am not a financial consultant or insurance agent?

Please contact us directly by WhatsApp or email us at to further discuss whether this program is suitable for you.

Is there a referral program where I can introduce more financial consultants, property agents, lawyers and other last mile of life providers to Immortalize?

We will be introducing a whole new referral program, please stay tuned!